Theirs a new game that arrived in town and it is not just the ordinary MMORPGs that we used to play. Their are no levels to worry about and no classes to pick, it is a pure skill- based character building so their will be no level grinding and any new gamer that wants to join can do it easily. Not played in far far away fairy land and sci-fi universe like any other popular RPGs but in mysterious side of our world. A very interesting game that drains the patience and focus out of your gaming instinct. The amazing sound design which gives goosebumps. You explore the abandoned building accompanied by trembling drums creating a little tension then hearing a chilling howl of a tortured ghosts echoing through the asylum. The grieving dissonant chords giving an uneasy feeling. Even the smallest sounds created when discovering a new place, a notification and having gained an ability points remarkably fit to the sound design.


       Have you ever played Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures or Anarchy Online and enjoyed it? From the same creator, Funcom released its newest installment The Secret World, known under the development titles as The World Online and Cabal from the brilliant mind of its creative director Ragnar Tornquist. You’ll gonna love the investigation quests which is a great intellectual pace, it makes your mind work about the reasonable next action with the clues given by cryptic clues and written notes.

       As any other MMOs, the game also has factions. First is the neutral Seoul Dragons who are good in orchestrating chaos, a deceiver who awaits patiently for its time. Then the New York Illuminati who view the world is tough and only the fittest will survive. Lastly, the London Templars who would sacrifice the whole village just to get there hands on a single demon. A customizable characters in their choice of supernatural powers they gain, weapons and clothing. Weapons which goes fro katana to rifles can be upgraded to battle those creepy monsters and when in a PvP state, characters must only wear there specific faction uniforms. 


       For the game currency TSW gold, you can use to purchase accessories like talisman which will improve the attributes to greatly suit anyone’s’ playing style, to enhance the running speed and to have more inventory spaces. You can also get a nice new outfits which are only for show and won’t help you in upgrading your weapons, but when you see more players in stylish fashion threads as you pass by them you might find yourself shopping, trying everything from black suits to aviator sunglasses to see which looks good on you in London.

       Because The Secret World is a newly released game, you will experience some unwanted quest bugs resulting to major frustrations, some execution flaws in movement and combat then the glitches experiences on visual and chat channels are part of the game. But then it has magnificent storytelling that slowly builds up the tensions then BOOM! You are now glued to the screen, the challenges of the mysteries and puzzles which are so worth solving just to answer the intriguing tales they offer. You might use online browser for research to solve the riddle meaning identifying Arabic stuff, paintings and logic puzzles to know the next destination. The best moment was when you have the “Eurika”, I just solved it. It felt so rewarding for all the hard job done to complete the quest.

       So why not try the new game The Secret World and indulge yourself in an intellectual engagement and emotional investment that is most satisfying if you got tired in the land of fairies and sci-fi landscape.