Guild Wars 2 is a sequel to the Guild Wars series developed by ArenaNet and published by Ncsoft was released on August 28 of 2012. Some of the movement and control system has changed. The click to move mouse manipulation has been taken out of the game but target locking is still available. Controlling the fight is more challenging now including targeting grounds for attacks and magic spells, evading skills which is held down and hit diagnosis that permits a gamer to stop an attack it reach other players. It is now in a genuine three dimensional world that permits character to bounce over obstacles and can swim and explore underwater. The newest movement coding permits independent tracks for lower and upper body components making avid gamers to activate more abilities even though running or jumping for better fight immersion. In this Guild War series, flight will not be included as a character ability.

       Their are now five available playable races in Guild Wars 2 namely Sylvari, Charr, Human, Asura and Norn.

       The Sylvari are generally humanoids that emerged from a from a plant referred to as Pale Tree. They are plant-like in features and are the youth among the races on Tyria. Being the youngest can mean much curiosity about everything and want to learn. They are created fully-formed, in addition to must learn a lot of what is needed to survive while they age. Since they usually are attuned to nature, thy are most aware of the threat and destruction posed by Zhaitan, the elder undead dragon

        Charr is home to Ascalon, an industrial town. They are once on a heated battle with the humans but formed an alliance with them to face a new more powerful threat of Zhaitan in his minions of undead. They may not look sharp but they have the best knowledge of traditional technology amongst all the races.

        Humans are home to huge fortified castle known as Divinity’s Reach. They have been in a numerous war in their time in Tyria. They faces internal threats from bandits to human nobility. They obtained their abilities that feature their dependence to gods, for example, Prayer of Dwayna which result to a moderate self healing.

        The Assura’s live in Rata Sum, they are great at magical technologies, sculpting living golems from rocks and making ways to easily travel. and once live underground and only resurfaced within some centuries later. They are small but make up for their built with magical knowledge and intellect.

        The proud Norn lives in Hoelbrak which they put up in a snowy city. They are somewhat big and powerful who loves strength and are close with nature. A great hunters and can shapeshift in an animal form from the frozen peaks of Tyria’s. They have the ability known as Call Owl which summons the animal to battle. They look for Spirits of the Wild for guidance and no traditional deities.

        Keeping up the tradition of Guild Wars, their will be no monthly fee collected. Players can visit other servers as guest but can’t participate in PvP. They can permanently transfer to other servers by paying GW2 gold of 1,800 which can be bought but there is a restriction to change only once every week.