The first and most obvious choice as mentioned above is to work it out yourself and put the hours in. You WILL have to do this anyway if you really want to level up fast but you can also join some of the many online forums that will tell you how to start leveling.

Sqaure Enix can now announce that their closed beta test for Final Fantasy XIV will soon be started. The lucky participants can look forward to getting started with the upcoming MMO game on 11 March. It is not the first time that Square Enix experimenting with an MMO in the Final Fantasy universe. At yesterday’s E3 conference from Sony, we got a glimpse of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV. We expect to see more to the game soon and expect a release later this year if all goes well. Now some articles, enjoy them here.

Are you looking for a Final Fantasy 14 crafting guide that you can use to help you level up by having a crafting character? There are a lot of crafters in the game that fall under the disciples of the hand, and I think that it’s a great choice to use when power leveling. Let’s get into it and find out some tips on how you can get this done.

The questing system in Final Fantasy XIV works around the concept of guildleves which has piqued the interest of many MMORPG gamers. Quests in FFXIV can be completed alone as well as together with a group of players. The idea behind guildleve quests is to make it possible for newbies to also enjoy the questing aspect of online games right from the start while keeping with the expectations of the experienced gamers. Quests can be activated by buy using the guildleves at aetheryte crystals. Another obvious benefit of the system is that it lets each gamer complete quest at individual pace without having to worry about other people getting in the way.

Usually in these kinds of games where you have thousands or hundreds of people around you don’t want to be following the crowd. The more people you have in a given area is the harder it’s going to be to quest there because they will continually defeat whatever mobs you need and/or not leave anything left for people behind them. So to deal with this it’s usually better to find a spot that doesn’t have a lot of people, and hopefully has a dense amount of mobs and creatures that are needed for the quests you’re doing.

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A lot of people try different cities to see which they like and then end up in a weird situation where they have quests from multiple places and don’t really focus down. This is the biggest problem that I’m aware of because it just slows you way down. Instead of doing this you should pick one place, stick to it, and then see it through. Finding a good spot is also about finding an area with few people and a lot of mobs. You want a ton of creatures around you so that no time is wasted as you can move from mob to move and get experience.

This guide is created by the top beta players of Final Fantasy 14 that have all quickly hit level 50 and have 1,000,000’s of Gil in their accounts without spending any real money. Within this guide you will learn exactly all of the secret strategies and tactics that they used to achieve this through step by step instructions and detailed screen shots. Other infos of games here.